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We get the right people on our team by hiring for attitude and training for skill. This approach has created a team of passionate, dedicated experts with the 'ANX Attitude' who are all working together to achieve seamless, responsive solutions for our customers.

How do we build this team? Through:

  • Psychological assessment of all new employees, regardless of what level to determine attitude and customer focus
  • A 12 month onboarding program for new employees to ensure they are fully trained in their roles
  • An employee engagement program focused on actively improving the team work environment
  • Constructive two way performance reviews at least once a year for all employees
  • The 'ANX Attitude' Spotlight Awards which recognise and reward employees who deliver exceptional customer service
  • Our partnership with Camp Quality which brings fun, laughter and a great sense of giving back to the workplace

Our team are proud of the solutions we deliver and the service we provide and are constantly looking for ways to help our customers grow their business further.