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Subaru Australia

What started out a long time ago has blossomed into a thriving business relationship based on trust, transparency, innovation and the ability to always be ahead.

In developing a true national partnership, Subaru and AutoNexus have been able to make the seemingly impossible, possible. This can only be achieved by working together in a seamless and transparent environment which allows for innovation and flexibility.

The Subaru Impreza launch was a true test of this combination of attributes, when the vehicle arrived the night before it was due on display in Sydney. From docks to display stand and with every bell and whistle added, the entire team lived up to the AutoNexus promise of always going the extra mile to exceed customer expectations. Not only off the boat onto the wharf, but onto the truck, up the road and into the showroom within 24 hours!

AutoNexus manages the vehicle logistics for Subaru as well as all its vehicle storage, parts warehousing and distribution in a purpose built facility, which can accommodate their continued growth as they go from strength to strength.

Our relationship with AutoNexus and the support they provide helps us deliver the ultimate customer experience and that, at the end of the day, is what really matters.

Chris Dinsdale
GM Finance & Operations