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For most customers, a new vehicle comes second only to buying a house. And, like a home, maintaining that initial sparkle requires the same diligence that went into creating it. The AutoGold car care range will help you do just that for your customers with premium products to protect all of the vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces.

Paint Coat

Out on the road or parked under the stars, vehicles will be exposed to many environmental contaminants that can damage the vehicle surface. AutoGold Paint Coat is made using nanotechnology and covers the vehicle with a hard, durable and glossy layer strongly bonded to the vehicle's surface which protects against oxidation caused by UV rays and dirt and stains from environmental contaminants.


  • Contains titanium dioxide which absorbs UV rays before they can damage the vehicle
  • Assists in the break down of organic particles through photocatalysis, making it easier to keep vehicles clean
  • Is made using nanotechnology which allows the product to form a strong adhesive bond with the clear coat of the vehicle whilst creating a smooth surface
  • Comprehensive warranty which includes coverage for berry stains and bat droppings
Skin Deep

Leather is a beautiful and sumptuous covering that, just like human skin, needs to be protected and cared for to stay soft and supple. Enriched with lanolin, AutoGold Skin Deep provides leather interior with the care and protection it needs to stay looking and feeling like new. Lanolin has been used on leather for centuries to promote water resistance, protect against stains and prevent cracking and fading caused by sun exposure.


  • Lanolin enriched formulation penetrates deeply to protect leather interior
  • Preserves the new leather look and smell
  • Protects against UV rays and the cracking and fading caused by UV exposure
  • Protects against staining caused by spillages and dirt
  • Water based and safe
Vinyl Support

The smell of hot baked vinyl may remind you of an Australian summer, but the damage this heat and exposure causes will leave vehicle interiors looking old and uncared for very quickly. Particularly for surfaces of the vehicle interior like the dashboard, which experiences high exposure levels, sunlight and UV rays can cause fading, discolouration and cracking. In addition, liquid and food spills on vinyl can leave unsightly stains and damage. With its complex blend of raw materials, AutoGold Vinyl Support provides the durable protection and support vinyl interior needs to remain in excellent condition even when exposed to our hot Australian summers.


  • Complex raw material blend formulation
  • Protects against UV rays and the cracking and fading caused by UV exposure
  • Protects against staining caused by spillages and dirt
  • Water based and safe
Fabric Cover

Life can be messy, especially if vehicle passengers include young children. Protect the fabric and carpet in the vehicle’s interior against food spills, liquid spills, dirt and fading with AutoGold Fabric Cover. Containing a strong molecular binding agent and UV protectants, Fabric Cover encapsulates each individual fabric and carpet fibre, preventing the absorption of contaminants and protecting against fading caused by UV exposure. Keep fabric and carpet looking the colour they are meant to be no matter who is along for the drive.


  • Contains a molecular binding agent which binds strongly to fibres during drying, enveloping each fibre individually
  • Protects against penetration of food spills, liquid spills and dirt
  • Stops fading by protecting against UV rays
  • Water based and safe


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